16" X 12.5" X 7.5" Wire 4-wheel Buggy Black


16" X 12.5" X 7.5" WIRE 4-WHEEL BUGGY BLACK

Overall length: 16"
Overall height: 12.5"
Overall width: 7.5"
Serial No:045059737118
Item No:7371A

This wire buggy is an excellent alternative to a boring basket. Use it to hold a planter or a floral arrangement. They would make a great centerpiece for baby showers. It can also be used empty for a simple decoration that can add character to a nursery.

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10" X 10.5" X 6.25" Wire 4-wheel Buggy Black, Wire, Buggy, Theme, Party, Decoration, Wire, Cochecito, Tema, Party, Decoration

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