About our company

Originally named The Gabel Florist Supply Co., G&G Distributors was established in 1941 with the addition of the Goldfarb family business. Over the years, G&G has grown to become one of the largest floral suppliers on the East coast and has served many outstanding businesses for more than half a century.

G&G is situated in Zuckerberg's Industrial Park in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, off Route 80 Exit 62, Garden State Parkway Exit 159, and only fifteen minutes away from the George Washington Bridge. The convenient location of our 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse with its spacious parking lot allows us to provide quality service to customers all over the Tri-State area.

For more than sixty years, G&G has served as a reliable wholesale distributor for a wide range of floral products. Our main product lines include silk flowers, vases, ribbons, baskets and essential florist supplies such as floral foams and tools. In 2002, the family business managers of G&G handed their enterprise to a new managerial group consisting of wholesalers, manufacturers and floral designers. This has added a new surge of vitality to our business as we continually seek to blend tradition and innovation to our corporate vision.

By word of mouth, G&G clientele has grown significantly over the years under new management. Ratings from customers show that they are fully satisfied with our professional services, friendly environment, competitive prices and high-quality products. Most importantly, the comprehensive range of our merchandise can cater to the diverse needs of our customers for all occasions.

Our products have been used by well-known department chain stores in Manhattan, top international hotels and casinos, popular home magazine and floral design magazines, as well as country clubs and banquets in Long Island and New Jersey.

Setting the latest trends in the floral industry, G&G not only strives to strengthen existing product lines but also continues to launch new products for special occasions. We understand that creating a striking décor with fitting seasonal decorations is essential to the success of a business. Each year G&G makes available our Christmas collection by the end of August, with a special display section set up in our warehouse by our in-house designers. We hope to provide ample time for our clients to select from a vast inventory, yet with the increasing orders we receive each year, we remind you to shop early at G&G early to ensure product availability in order to create your own unique flair to Christmas décor.

In response to the requests of party planning agencies over the past two years, G&G has also launched a series of wedding supplies. Combined with our party favor supplies, we hope to make every one of your projects an innovative experience and a cherished memory for your valued clients.

When in New Jersey, be sure to visit our 40,000 sq-ft warehouse and view our vast collections of special and imported items on display.