16.5" Rose Spray (Cream/White)

This soft cream-white Rose spray has a natural resemblance to real roses. Its green leaves, branches, and stem closely resemble what a real rose branch would look like. This rose spray is great for romantic events such as weddings or Valentine's day parties. The color works well with other soft colors like peach or pastels. Paired in a vase with other flowers and ribbon this product can make a great piece in any home or event decor.


Overall length: 16.5"
Number of flower head(s): 3
Width of flower head(s): 1.5" - 2"
Material: SILK
Serial No: 033849919622
Item No: FSR165-CR/WH
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14" Vein Rose Bush Burgundy, Silk, Artificial, Fake, Floral, Flower, Arrangements

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