15" Rose Spray White

This rose spray in the color white is a gorgeous addition to any classic wedding arrangement/centerpiece. Its various open buds are great for adding depth and volume to any home decorative project. Its dark green leaves are great for contrasting light colors.


Color: WHITE
Overall length: 15"
Number of flower head(s): 4
Number of bud(s): 1
Width of flower head(s): .75" - 2"
Material: SILK
Serial No: 744468374203
Item No: S2247WH
12"/14"/16" Mercury Glass Candle Holder Gold Set/3, Candle, Holders, Glass, Decorative, Set, Party, Event

27" Waxflower Spray Cream/white, Flower, Spray, Cream, White, Artificial, Garden, Spring, Decoration, Flor, Ramita, Crema, Blanco, Artificial, Jardin, Primavera, Decoracion

19" Rose Spray Cream/blush, Decorative, Silk, Flowers, Artificial, Decorativo, Seda, Flores, Artificiales.