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Floralyte Ii On/off Switch Rgb Pkg/10

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Serial No:10095498118105
Item No:FLIIRGB-11810
The Acolyte Floralyte led party light is a miniature, disposable, self-powered led lighting unit which will illuminate and accent any design application including floral arrangements, design props, table settings, candle replacements for votives, ice sculptures and balloons. The Floralyte comes with an elastic string attached that can be removed or used to hang the light for greater lighting accent capabilities. Acolyte Floralytes are also ideal for night time games, concerts, personal ids, party favors and corporate premiums. The LED party lights, Floralytes, are available in: Red, Blue, Green, Teal, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink and color changing (Red-Green-Blue). Unit size: 1.5 inches long x .75 inches wide x .25 inches high In open air applications, the units will last approximately 36 to 48 hours. Not recommended for use in water. Do Not Submerge. **Not for use in edible items.

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Floralyte Ii On/off Switch Amber Pkg/10

10" Glitter Sheer Artificial Butterfly Light Blue, Glitter, Sheer, Butterfly, Light Blue, Prop, Decoration, Purpurina, Transparente, Mariposa, Azul, Accesorio, Decoracion

10" Glitter Sheer Artificial Decorative Butterfly Pink