Decorate your home, business, or any other venue with these garlands!

Yes, garlands add glitter and glitz to wreaths and swags. But they can be subtle, too, adding another layer of richness to a luxuriant design. Pool a pearl garland around the bottom of a candle stand, for example. As a general rule, a garland with beads all the same size or color is more formal than one with mixed sizes and colors. Pearls and clear crystals seem more sophisticated than colored crystals. Okay, now you know the rules. Go ahead and break them! It’s a good idea to have a jeweler’s crimper on hand if you want to cut garlands. You will want to be sure all the wires are twisted together, so your garland does not unravel or drop beads. We have single drops in several styles, too. Choose the size and type of beads you want, and the color, from our vast array of possibilities. We buy directly from the manufacturer to keep prices affordable, and we keep stock on hand in our warehouse for same-day shipping.

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